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Support the Show

Support the Show

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the show!

I've had some requests about the best way to contribute to the show, and if I'd be setting up a Patreon account and so now I have. There are several tiers of support likely you can find that suits you.

If Patreon isn't for you. I will happily accept paypal donations recieved at wetootwaag@gmail.com
If you donate anything over 10$ I will send you a download code for one of my albums as a Digital Download from Bandcamp, just specify which one or I will assume you want the most recent one. This is a great way to support the show as I get all of the proceeds minus the Paypal fee, rather than losing out to Bandcamp's (minor but present) share.
If you have already bought the album, you can share the download code with anyone you want.

Of course the best way to support the show apart from giving it cash, is to tell your friends about it and leave the show a review on Itunes, or whatevery podcast listener you use.
Thanks again for listening and for wanting to help!