Season 5 Episode 07 Lowland Pipes! And Season Intermission


March 6th, 2021

57 mins 55 secs

Season 5

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James Aird: Mucking Geordies Byre, Lads Wi the Kilts
William Dixon: Hey for Newbiggin, Stool of Repentance, Minuet: Edward the Second, Over the Dyke and Till Her Laddy,
David Young: Border Reel
David Rowlands: Jim Harding’s Waltz
Billy Pigg: Skye Crofters
David Glen: Dr. Bett’s Super

If you want to listen to the Dungeons and Dragons podcast I contribute music to (very) occasionally before it is off the air check it out here:

I first heard Jim Harding’s Waltz from David Rowlands band back in the Myspace days, in fact I think I played it on the podcast a decade ago or so. David was kind enough to share the music with me, you can hear his playing of it as a trio with his lovely low D Swayne Border Pipes:

1780s James Aird’s Mucking Geordies Byre (Also known as Tam Glen on same page as Lads wi the Kilts later in the episode)

Duncan Johnstone: I thought I was playing this from Gordon Dunan’s Piping Centre recital series, but he doesn’t play Johnstone into Crossing the minch on that stellar album, so I’m not sure who I am poorly mimicking here. This is Duncan playing it on his album Thunderstruck though:

1733: William Dixon’s Settings for William Dixon: Hey for Newbiggin, Stool of Repentance, Minuet: Edward the Second, Over the Dyke and Till Her Laddy,
Are all from from Matt Seattle’s publication:

1780s James Aird: Lads wi the Kilts

Pre-1968 Billy Pigg’s Skye Crofters. I went looking for this tune because James MacDonald Reid played it at an early LPBS competition. He said he played as Pigg played it, avoiding all the excessive gracing, I’m sure I did not come close to emulating it, but I tried! Here is Billy Pigg playing it:
Matt Seattle kindly posted his transcription of this tune on the Northumbrian Piping Newsgroup Facebook group:

It is also in the Book of Billy Pigg’s tunes, part 2 that was published by the Northumbrian Pipers Society, but I can’t find it for sale, but thanks to Julia Say for getting the information from her book, you can still buy part one on the Northumbrian Pipers Society website:

1880s David Glen’s Dr. Bett’s Super

1734 David Young’s Border Reel. I have used the copies available from Ross’s Music Page:
The actual PDF download is the below link:

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