Season 6 Mix Tape


December 3rd, 2022

1 hr 51 mins 56 secs

Season 6

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Inveraray & District Pipeband: March, Strathspey & Reel
Three on the Bund: Local Hero
Simon Pfisterer: Vivaldi's Concerto for Four Violins in B minor
Karel Westerling: Riding Free Spirit
Brighde Chaimbeul, Ross Ainslie and Steven Byrnes: The Badger and the Weasel
Glengervie: Sine Bhan/ Come by the Hills, Christ Has My Heart Aye/The Mermaid/In And Out The Harbour /Juan Martino's, The Lonesome Boatman
Dave Rowlands: Chickadee, The Purturbation, Jim Harding’s Waltz
Nicholas Konradsen: Waltzish Set, Farewell to Gagnef, Smoke Braider's Bourree, Farewell to Claremont
Falsobordone: Maria Unser Frowe, Quant j'ay l'espart, A tutta gente
Jason Rouse: The Spanish Cloak, Job of Journey Work
Rebel’s Menuet: Mairi Bhan Òg (Mary young and fair), Bothan Airidh 'm Braighe Rainneach (The Shieling on the Braes of Rannoch), Drumochter Reels: (1) Calum Figheadair (“The Kilchattan Wedding”) / (2) Druimuachdar / (3) Uist Reel

Inveraray & District Pipe Band A Night in that Land

March, Strathspey and Reel


Three on the Bund & Simon Pfisterer

Local Hero by Three On the Bund:

Vivaldi's Concerto for Four Violins in B minor
Simon Pfisterer’s New Album, Another Way To Go
Available for order here:


Karel Westerling

Riding Free Spirit:
Check out Karel’s Stellar Youtube page



LAS features: Brighde Chaimbeul - C Smallpipes
Ross Ainslie - C Smallpipes
Steven Byrnes - Guitar and Mandola

The Badger and the Weasel


Glenbervie - Nae Borders

Glenbervie is Neil Clark and Kathryn Grainger

Sine Bhan/ Come by the Hills

Christ Has My Heart Aye/The Mermaid/In And Out The Harbour /Juan Martino's

The Lonesome Boatman


Dave Rowlands

Original Compositions on Jon Swayne Low D pipes


The Purturbation

Jim Harding’s Waltz


Nicholas Konradsen The New Leaf

Original Compositions by Nicholas, Plays Sweedish pipes of his own make and Jon Swayne Border Pipes

Waltzish Set

Farewell to Gagnef

Smoke Braider's Bourree

Farewell to Claremont


1350 - Music for a plague by Falsobordone

Falsobordone is: Falsobordone: Erik Ask-Upmark, Anna Rynefors
With guests: Karin S Lagergren, Daniel Åhlman, Magne Pettersson, Shira Kammen, Daniel Serra

Maria Unser Frowe,

Quant j'ay l'espart

A tutta gente


Jason Rouse: Fieldish Recordings

Waltz: The Spanish Cloak

Set Dance: Job of Journey Work


Hessians & Highlanders 1746 in Scotland

Music & story compiled & arranged by Quest Christian Tewordt
Music performed by Duo “Rebel’s Menuet”
Johanna Wildhack & Quest

Mairi Bhan Òg
Bothan Airidh 'm Braighe Rainneach

Drumochter Reels

To get the Book/Album Combo order here:



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