S 08 E 08 John Peacock’s Collection Part 1 (aka 5 days with a Northumbrian Small pipe Chanter)


May 4th, 2024

46 mins 12 secs

Season 8

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S 08 E 08 John Peacock’s Collection Part 1 aka 5 days with a Northumbrian Small pipe Chanter

Peacock: Frisky, Welcome to the Town Again, A Mile to Ride, Niel Gows Wife, New Drops of Brandy, Bonny Lad, Niel Gow, Money Musk, Lady Coventry’s Minuet
Donald MacDonald: We’ll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Town
Alexander MacKay: A mile to Ride
Niel Gow: Niel Gow’s Wife
Walker Jackson: Cummilum
James Aird: Niel Gow
James Bremner (and Frances Hopkinson): Lady Coventry’s Minuet

Special thanks to Benjamin Elzerman for the chanter and Reed!

Clip of Alan Lomax introducing Jack Armstrong’s Playing:

Alan Lomax Recordings with Jack Armstrong:

Alan Lomax Collection at Library of Congress:

Alan Lomax being a Creep talking to Bert Lloyd, I first heard this on the Fire Draw Near Podcast (around 35 minutes in the context for the clip starts Alan’s talking starts at 41 minutes):



Most of the Music Comes from John Peacock’s Collection available on Ross’s Music Page:

1810: Frisky, Welcome to the Town Again, Niel Gows Wife, New Drops of Brandy, Bonny Lad, Niel Gow, Money Musk, Lady Coventry’s Minuet
From John Peacock’s “A Favourite Collection of Tunes with Variations adapted for the Northumberland Small Pipes Violin or Flute


1828: We’ll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Town from Donald MacDonald


1820s: A Mile to Ride from Alexander MacKay’s “A Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Slow Tunes, Arranged for the Piano Forte Chiefly composed by Alexander MacKay, Musician Islay”


1802: Niel Gow’s Wife: From Gow's Repository of the Dance Music of Scotland Part 2


1774: Walker Jackson: Cummilum


1802: Niel Gow: From Aird, Vol 5


1780s: Lady Coventry’s Minuet with Variations from James Bremner by Frances Hopkinson



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