S5E01 Uilleann Pipes and Strathspeys with Tunes from Jarlath Henderson & Innes Watson and Paul Anderson


January 22nd, 2021

59 mins 1 sec

Season 5

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James Aird: Irish Hautboy
Jar and Innes: Top Gallantsail (Comp Innes Watson), John Stephen Of Chance Inn (Comp Angus Fitchet),
Travers Jig (trad), Gustys Frolics (trad: Mick Dohertys Version)
O’Farrell: Roys Wife of Aldivalock
O’Farrell: Rothemurchus’s Rant
Paul Anderson Playing: The Rothiemurchus Rant (Bremner) , Dogs Bite Chapmen (Traditional he Says) and The Fairy Dance (Nataniel Gow)
From Sutherland: Haughs of Cromdale and Merry Maid’s Wedding
O’Farrell: Ewe with the Crooked Horn
George MacLellan: The Little Cascade
Neil Gow: Lady Baird’s Strathspey
Drummond Castle MS: Allastor
Joseph Dales: Jenny Sutton

Big thanks to Jarlath Hendersond and Innes Watson for letting me play a track off their stellar album A Moment in Time. You can buy it now on Bandcamp:

Paul Anderson is a remarkably talented Fiddler that has published many albums that you can stream or purchase. You can check out his website Here:

I highly recommend following him on Facebook as he has been doing a great “Live from the Lounge” series the entire Pandemic:

And his Youtube account is host to a plethora of Historic Fiddle tunes, often played on the Fiddle of the person that wrote or printed the tune:

I believe I was helped tremendously by watching the Royal Scottish Country Dancers on mute.

The William Lamb articles I read can be found here:
The Strathspey in Scottish Music: On Its origins and Uneasy Relationship with the Highland Bagpipes, seems to be a abbreviated version of the paper I quote from:

Reeling in the Strathspey: The Origins of Scotland’s National Music is the paper I quoted from.

James Aird’s The Irish Hautboy: I’ll talk about this tune in greater detail in a future episode, but here is the link to the notes.

Jarlath Henderson agreed to let me include his Strathspey set from his stellar album with Innes Watson, A Moment in Time: You can Buy it on Bandcamp

The Set is track 2 on the album:
Top Gallantsail (Comp Innes Watson), John Stephen Of Chance Inn (Comp Angus Fitchet),
Travers Jig (trad), Gustys Frolics (trad: Mick Dohertys Version)

O’Farrell’s Setting for Roys Wife of Aldivalock (supposedly close kin to Kilt is my delight)

O’Farrell’s Setting for Rothemurchus’s Rant

Paul Anderson Graciously agreed to let me play his set:
It is: The Rothiemurchus Rant (Bremner) , Dogs Bite Chapmen (Traditional he Says) and The Fairy Dance (Nataniel Gow)
Paul pointed out the Tune Is better known in Irish tradition as Graf Spee, and also that it was Robert Burns’ favorite fiddle tune, and he set lyrics of Lassie with the lint white locks to it.

Robert Bremner’s Rothemurches Rant, from 1757 collection of Scots Reels

John Glen put The Fairy Dance and Dogs Bite Chapmen on the Same page of his book https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105002020

Sutherland’s Setting for Haughs of Cromdale and Merry Maid’s Wedding are on the same PDF available thanks to Ross’s Music page on page 5 and 6 of the PDF respectively:

O’Farrell’s Setting for the Ewe with the Crooked Horn:

George McLennan’s The Little Cascade is From Highland Bagpipe Music by George S. McLennan (1884): You can download it from CEOL Sean:

1788, Neil Gow “A Second Collection of Strathspey, Reels, & C…”
Lady Baird’s Strathspey (page 4)

Drummond Castle Manuscript (1734) the Setting for Allastor is on the 19th page of this PDF hosted by Ross’s Music Page:

Joseph Dales, (ca. 1800) Selection of The Most Favorite Country Dances and Reels
Jenny Sutton (page 10)

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