Season 5 Episode 2 Dixon and Fitzmaurice Travel to Roslin Castle looking for a Bonny Lass


January 30th, 2021

45 mins 7 secs

Season 5

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William Dixon: Saw ye Never a Bonny lass
Vickers Manuscript: Kiss’d her under the Coverlet
Fitzmaurice: Loose the Belt
Hamilton’s Universal Tune Book: The Berlin Waltz
Fitzmaurice’s Trip to Roslin Castle
William McGibbon: Rosline Castle
James Manson (David Glen): Roslin Picnic
Donald MacDonald: Roslin Castle, MacPharlane’s lilt
Angus MacKay: Roslin Castle
O’Farrell: Pay The Reckoning (Jackson’s Bottle of Brandy, Bobbing for Eels

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To Read Mary Anne Hanway’s Letters You can find the book on
The Passage about Roslin Castle begins on page 68:
The Passage about Bagpipers at dinner begins on page 132:
“they love dancing to excess, and are the best country-dancers I ever saw, and keep it up (as the phrase is) for hours together, with a life, vivactiy and spirit, of which you can have no conception. In many houses, they still retain the ancienty custom of the pipers playing all the time the company are at dinner, on his horrid bagpipes; this is to me more dreadful, than the grunting of pigs, the screaming of owls, and the squalling of cats. All these creatures in a concert would be to my ears pleasing, compared to that discordant instrument to which I have a natural antipathy." (132-133)

The Cover Art is a Paul Sandby, Painting “Roslin Castle, Midlothian” from around the time Mary Anne Hanway visited:

(1733) William Dixon’s Saw Ye Never a Bonny Lass From Matt Seattle’s publication:
(1770) William Vickers Kiss’d her under the Coverlet: (You can get this setting in Matt’s book, or look at the original on Farne, Just type Coverlet into the search and it should come up, Farne can be a bit picky though, and I can never get a stable link to copy in here:

(1805) Fitzmaurice’s Trip to Roslin Castle and Lose the Belt both in: Fitzmaurice's New Collection of Irish Tunes. Adapted for the Piano Forte, Union Pipe, Flute,&Violin:

(1853) Hamilton’s Universal Tune-book setting for The Berlin Waltz

(1746) William McGibbon’s Setting for Rosline Castle

Angus MacKay’s Roslin Castle from The Piper’s Assistant:

(1828) Donald MacDonald’s Setting for Roslin Castle and Macfarlane’s Lilt:

(1806) O’Farrell’s Pay the Reckoning (bobing for eels/ Jackson’s Bottle of Brandy)

(1880s) James Manson (By way of David Glen) The Roslin Picnic:

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