S7 E12 Listener Recording Request Mini Episode


May 23rd, 2023

6 mins 13 secs

Season 7

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s7 E12 Listener Recording Request Mini Episode

Eliza Ross: Dark-Eyed one of the Night, Dark Girl of the White Feet
Donald MacDonald: Lady Seaforth’s Reel, Lady Mary MacKay’s Reel, Mary Gray, Sweet Molly.

Next Episode We will hit 50,000 downloads since relaunching the podcast, and I would love to hear from you.
Record a tune you’ve heard from the podcast, or a concordance you play that I haven’t, or just your favorite historic piping tune, or just tell me a story! Tell me the name of the tune, the instrument you are playing and who you are and I’ll try to include it in the episode. If you have links to archival sources for your tunes all the better, or if you have a project coming up you’d like to share with podcast listeners send it my way as well.
You can use an Mp3 or wav files, or just a voice memo off of your phone I should be able to work with. I can also rip the audio from youtube videos.
Send them to me at bagpipehistory@gmail.com

The set I play is still a bit rough around the edges, especially when performed in the blowing sand of Oak Island, but the tunes are:
Dark-Eyed one of the Night from Eliza Ross, Lady Seaforth’s Reel from Donald MacDonald, Dark Girl of the White Feet from Eliza Ross, followed by Lady Mary MacKay’s Reel, Mary Gray and finally Sweet Molly all from Donald MacDonald.

See Eliza Ross Manuscript for sources here: https://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/library-museum-gallery/cultural-heritage-collections/school-scottish-studies-archives/archive-pubs/eliza-ross-manuscript
All of the Donald Macdonald tunes are played from the edition available from Ceol Sean here:
Or you can look through most of the tunes on the edition available on National Library of Scotland’s Website here: https://digital.nls.uk/special-collections-of-printed-music/archive/105682572

Thanks for Listening to the Show!
Remember Send your submissions to bagpipehistory@gmail.com


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