S 08 E 11 Exploring Key Signatures from Walker Jackson Part 2 with tunes from Frank Claudy and Patrick Hutchinson


June 1st, 2024

1 hr 9 mins 7 secs

Season 8

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Walker Jackson: Cossey’s Jigg, Jackson’s Morning Brush, Jackson’s Night Cap, Jackson’s Dream, Humours of Listivain, The maids in the Morning
Niel Gow: The Cossy Jigg
James Aird: Casseys Jig, The Humours of Listivain,
O’Farrell: The Cosey Jigg, Jerry’s Rambles,
Francis O’Neill: Jimmy O’Brien’s Jig
John Clinton: Copey’s Jigg,
John Bowie: Humours of Listivain, Pither in Enough
O’Farrell: Jerry’s Rambles, Sally McGee, Sheelina Gra Will You Be Mine,
Henry Hudson: Jolly Old Woman
Richard Levey: The Humours of Bandon
Patrick Hutchinson: Humours of Listivain
Frank Cloudy: Humours of Listivain
Many thanks to Patrick Hutchinson and Frank Cloudy for supplying me with their takes of Humours of Listivain.

Patrick and Frank both mentioned Kieran Jordan’s Sean-nós dance choreography to the tune
Kieran kindly sent me a link to a video of the dance, which begins around fifteen minutes in (with a solo slow air)

If you’d like to get a copy of the Album Frank Cloudy sent me (and I highly recommend it) send Frank an email (and $12 to claudyf@msn.com )



I play through Many Tunes from Walker Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes.
Unfortunately it isn’t available online anywhere in facsimile form, but NPU has a transcription available here:

Or the ABC on Bill Black’s Website here:

Similarly I play through a couple tunes from O'Farrell's National Collection, it also Isn't available in Facsimile form anywhere, but you can see it here:

Cossey’s Jigg


1774: Cossey’s Jigg from Walker Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes


1795: The Cossy Jigg from Niel Gow’s “A Collection of Strathspey Reels Vol 2 https://archive.org/details/collectionofstra00gown/page/n62/mode/1up


1780s: Casseys Jig from James Aird’s 3rd Volume


1806: The Cosey Jigg from O’Farrell’s Pocket book 2


1907: Jimmy O’Brien’s Jig from Francis O’Neill’s Dance Music of Ireland


1840: Copey’s Jigg from John Clinton’s Gems of Ireland


1774: Jackson’s Morning Brush from Walker Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes


1774: Jackson’s Night Cap from Walker Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes


1774: Jackson’s Dream from Walker Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes


Humours of Listivain

1774: Humours of Listivain from Walker Jackson


1780s: Humours of Listivain from Aird Vol. 3


1789: The Humours of Listivain from John Bowie’s Collection of Strathspey’s Reels and Country Dances https://imslp.org/wiki/A_Collection_of_Strathspey_Reels_and_Country_Dances_(Bowie%2C_John)
Note Pither in Enough on the same page Also note that the TUNEARCH ABC has it in D Maj incorrectly


1800: Jerry’s Rambles, from O’Farrell’s National Collection


1800: Sally McGee from O’Farrell’s National Collection


1806: Sheelina Gra Will you Be Mine from O’Farrell’s Pocketbook.


1840s: Jolly Old Woman From Henry Hudson (https://sites.nd.edu/rbsc/the-citizen-and-henry-hudsons-collection-of-irish-music/ )


1858: The Humours of Bandon from Richard Levey’s The Dance Music of Ireland


1774: The Maids in the Morning From Walker Jackson


Finally a Recording of The Humours of Listivain courtesy of Frank Cloudy, if you’d like to buy a copy send an email (and $12 to Frank Claudy: claudyf@msn.com )


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