S 08 E 03 My Approach to Music Theory and the Historical Repertoire


March 9th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 6 secs

Season 8

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About this Episode

Bremner: St. Paul/Aberdeen, Bristol
John Murphy: Miss Boswell’s Jig

William Dixon: Hacky Honey


Here is a link to the music Theory video Rod shared with me about the way white supremacists have used music Theory:

I recorded this episode about a month before this article often discussed with some sort of click bait title like “Pythagoras was wrong about music theory” (speaking of clickbait, did you know academics and journalists alike don’t often get a say on the title of their work, so if you see a particularly egregious title, don’t necessarily hold it against the author). The abstract is that our “western musical theory and the idea that there was universal harmonies, and that good music is just about consonance and not dissonance” is obviously a really limited perspective on what good music is, and intrinsically apparent to anyone who plays a drone instrument, or regulators.



1762: Aberdeen (In G) from Bremner’s Rudiments of Music


1762: Bristol (In G minor) from Bremner’s Rudiments of Music


1810: Miss Boswell’s Jigg from John Murphy


1733: Hacky Honey from William Dixon’s Manuscript



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