S 08 E 04 George MacLeod's 1784 Repertoire part 1 (Patrick MacDonald's North Highland Piper)


March 23rd, 2024

1 hr 8 mins 32 secs

Season 8

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Patrick McDonald: Ossian’s soliloquy on the death of all his cotemporary Heroes, North Highland Country Dances tunes 1-6, 24, Màraidh bhàn òg. {Potential/likely titles for tune 1-6: Tune 1: Joseph MacDonald’s Jig, Tune 2: Lady Wemyss’ Jig/Whip her and gird her, Tune 3: Far awa Wedding, Tune 4: maybe Shaggy Grey Buck, Tune 5: Stumpie, Tune 6& 24: Lord Reay’s Jig}
O’Farrell: Apples in Winter
Holden: Irish Trott
Donald MacDonald: LadyWemyss’ Jig
William Vickers: Cold and Raw

(Note that Cover Art is Not George MacLeod, but Niel McLean, “Piper to the Highland Society” in 1781:

Order and Thoughts:

Nearly All the tunes come from Patrick Mac Donald's Collection of Highland Vocal Airs:
The reprinted edition with the tune names in the notes can be found here: https://www.scotlandsmusic.com/Product/SM-V7M9GD/the-patrick-mcdonald-collection

Patrick MacDonald (Joseph MacDonald Section)

1784: Ossian’s soliloquy on the death of all his cotemporary Heroes


Patrick MacDonald’s North Highland Country Dances (George MacLeod)

Thanks to Keith Sanger for identifying Patrick MacDonald’s North Highland piper.
I read some Excerpts from:
Ian Grimble, The World of Rob Donn (Edinburgh: The Edina Press, 1979).


Tune 1: Joseph MacDonald’s Jig. Likely named for Patrick’s Brother. Somewhat awkward dotting and cutting.

Tune 2: G# Tune, Whip her and Gird her, Note that Patrick annotates every G if there is a sharp in it, not just the first one (unlike other settings in this section).


Set from Cold and Raw

1808: Apples in Winter
From O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion:
1807: Irish Trott from Smollet Holden’s A Collection of Favorite Irish Airs Vol 1

1828: Lady Wemyss’ Jig from Donald MacDonald’s Collection of Quicksteps, Strathspeys, reels and Jigs
1776: Cold and Raw from William Vickers Manuscript


Patrick MacDonald’s North Highland Country Dances (George MacLeod)

Tune 3: Far Awa Wedding is how I play this tune most (I think) from Donald MacDonald, not sure I included it but has an f grace note on an f up to a high G.


Tune 4: Shaggy Grey Buck? I feel like I’ve seen this tune in Donald MacDonald, note the c grace notes to D, sometimes from a C c grace, D.


Tune 5: Stumpie: Similar gracing style, with the e grace note on an E, also like that c sixteenth note as grace note in this tune.


Tune 6: Lord Reay’s Jig…Lord Reay’s Piper possibly, Tune is in A Minor (C Maj) but with the F marked as Sharp. Slightly atypical gracing style from previous (though more conventionally GHB with an E gracenote for transition of C to D. also note the one F being sharp… next one not labeled Natural…

Tune 24: Lord Reay’s Jig (slightly different than 6) the F sharp, F nat seems more clear here because of the repeat of marked f# it’s cool that both tunes use the F sharp F Nat it’s the Double F Dilema for a Wizard!


Lord Reay Wizard story from:

Donald Omand, Caithness: Lore and Legend (Wick: North of Scotland Publishers, 1995).


Patrick MacDonald (Joseph MacDonald Section)

1784: Màraidh bhàn òg


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